Patch Notes for Airborne Kingdom


• FIX: Using hotkey to move stackable buildings sometimes leaves game in bad state

• FIX: Master Volume does nothing until SFX and Music volume are changed

• FIX: Lift limit not correct in rare cases

• FIX: Worker movement and animation sometimes incorrect for some buildings


• ADD: Summer themes

• ADD: Summer workers

• ADD: Summer photo border and logo

• ADD: Ability to swap designs, roofs, and rotate without moving

• ADD: Keyboard key customization

• ADD: Windowed Mode

• ADD: Brightness and Contrast settings

• ADD: Master Volume settings

• ADD: Wobble Intensity settings

• FIX: Buoy hard to see on map

• FIX: Balloon only selectable on base of building

• FIX: Workers disappear in rare cases when moving storage


• FIX: Sometimes all technology is unlocked if starting Creative Mode then backing out


• FIX: Map icon isn't very visible (changed the icon to make it more obvious)

• FIX: Tutorial Panel doesn't exit when pressing Escape

• FIX: Cloud shadows positions are delayed by a frame

• FIX: Workers never change animations

• FIX: A couple Spanish and Italian strings are in the opposite languages

• FIX: Change a few localization entries for better translations


• PERF: Fluffier clouds, now volumetric, which both look and perform way better

• PERF: Optimize Atmospheric Scattering

• PERF: Optimize Screen-space Ambient Occlusion

• PERF: Optimize background shader logic

• PERF: Optimize all shaders so most can run in parallel

• PERF: Add a Very Low performance setting

• PERF: Add setting to swap Worker model with simpler Pawn

• PERF: Add setting to disable some animations

• ADD: All Tutorials can now be accessed via the Pause Menu

• FIX: Housing block roof models change after save/load

• FIX: Town Center preview does not changing when hovering buttons in Creative Mode

• FIX: Paths don't always highlight when being placed in range of a Street Lamp

• FIX: Buoy icon disappears on map when loading

• FIX: Cloud colors sometimes incorrect when transitioning between biomes


• FIX: Buildings on Edge grid do not flip properly sometimes


• FIX: Second/third floor Housing Blocks not in range of Desires when rotated before being placed

• FIX: Small offset present on some buildings which rarely causes Navmesh bugs


• FIX: Give normal return the tapestry achievement when finishing a hard game

• FIX: Small error in Spanish

• FIX: Error sometimes when showing blueprints in City UI


• FIX: loading very old save files not working

• FIX: Buildings that are needed to support other buildings can be moved

• FIX: Lift UI sometimes doesn't update when lift upgrade finishes

• FIX: Escaping Forge/Waters UI sometimes doesn't hide properly

• FIX: Open Research Tree button sometimes doesn't show when research or upgrade finishes


• FIX: Exceptions when the game can't connect to Steam

• FIX: Missing alphabets in a particular pop-up


• FIX: BuildingUI can be clicked while in the process of moving a building


• FIX: Paragraph animations sometimes play incorrectly


• FIX: Fonts for Chinese, Japanese, Korean in the Settings dropdowns

• FIX: Text overlaps in a few UI screens


• ADD: Achievement Support

• PERF: Batch most of the scene pieces and buildings together

• PERF: Make the BoxColliders offset and static for raycasts

• PERF: Regenerate NavMesh only once per frame

• PERF: Regenerate NavMesh only once for every moved Edge building

• PERF: Preload input system

• PERF: Remove duplicated StartMenu objects

• PERF: Many small optimizations

• FIX: Propulsion buildings not animating if built while moving

• FIX: NavMesh incorrect on a couple of construction buildings

• FIX: Minor spacing fixes for localization

• FIX: Minor errors when Workers leave Kingdom

• FIX: Minor errors when returning from Main Menu


• ADD: Localized text


• ADD: New Game +

• ADD: New dyes and motifs to the larger worlds

• FIX: Escape sometimes needs multiple presses to exit Kingdom View


• ADD: Creative Mode, unlocking buildings and customization from the start

• ADD: Unique map layout for Creative Mode

• ADD: Import old saves into Creative Mode

• ADD: Ability to customize Buoy

• ADD: Ability to customize Planes

• ADD: Multi-select customization

• ADD: New palettes for buildings, metals, and paths

• ADD: Building stacks can now be moved together

• ADD: Hotkey (Z) for moving buildings

• FIX: Escape key doesn't back out of Destroy Mode

• FIX: Floor motifs do not apply to floors of Stackables

• FIX: Worker icon shows when moving a building

• FIX: Research icon reverts to ? when loading while researching


• BALANCE: Minor balance tweaks


• FIX: Minor fixes


• ADD: Hard Mode selection when starting a new game

• ADD: Recruits regenerate endlessly at Settlements

• ADD: Map can now be zoomed in/out

• FIX: Escape key doesn't back out of Settings in Pause Menu

• FIX: Charcoal Hut displays Warehouse entrance when being placed

• FIX: Shrine construction flickers sometimes

• FIX: Navmesh agent is not destroyed when Inhabitant leaves

• FIX: Nullchecks in a couple spots

• PERF: Only recalculate walking time when navmesh is updated

• PERF: Cache propulsion animation speed and only update when the property is changed

• PERF: Only use FixedUpdate on inhabitants if they're flying

• PERF: Don't update ResourceUI when hidden

• PERF: Don't update ResearchTreeUI when hidden

• PERF: Only calculate resource burn every half second (rather than every frame)

• PERF: Bake one of the noise textures for the clouds, limit cloud "push" image to 128px

• PERF: Use Hashsets rather than Lists or Collections when we constantly search if contained

• PERF: Only update placement prefab when moving (instead of everything)

• PERF: Only notify neighboring roads when a cell is added/removed

• PERF: Only update shader properties when needed


• ADD: Better Screenshots folder where we know we have access privileges, open to folder buttons

• FIX: Some players unable to complete final quest

• FIX: Sometimes pre-mature exit of Quest UI

• FIX: Custom dropdown in Quality Settings menu sometimes doesn't work


• ADD: Support for resolutions wider than 16:9

• FIX: Tooltip incorrectly showing when taking screenshot

• FIX: Metal motif colors not updating all housing blocks

• FIX: Nullchecks causing some instability

• FIX: Corrupted saves due to Worker needs

• FIX: Typo in text